Casey Retains Seat in Senate

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SCRANTON -- A roar of support as Senator Bob Casey entered the Casey Ballroom, the room at the Hilton Hotel named for his father.

When he took the stage, it was a family event. His wife, kids, siblings and mother, the former first lady of Pennsylvania were all around him.

The Democratic senator thanked his family and told supporters there's more work ahead.

“We have a lot to do, but I have no doubt and total confidence in us to do that, and it begins tonight in the aftermath of a close election,” said Senator Robert Casey of Pennsylvania.

The polls showed the race close near the end, but Casey got another big win for a second term. When he spoke with Newswatch 16, he said he knows what voters want most is cooperation in Washington, especially on the economy.

“We need to get Democrats and Republicans focused on moving the economy forward. I think we can, but we have to make sure we sit down, put the election together and work together,” said Senator Casey.

First the Casey’s and their supporters marked yet another victory celebration in Scranton.

“I'm grateful for the vote of confidence the people of Pennsylvania have given me. I'm so grateful to be with you tonight, and I'm looking forward to celebrating with you. God bless you,” said Senator Casey.

So the Casey family tradition of public service in Pennsylvania continues for another six years.