A Lot of Snow Days Before Any Snow

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Several schools in our area had early dismissals on Wednesday due to the snow moving in. That comes after a week of cancellations at many districts due to the aftermath of Sandy.

Some districts were left dealing with a week of snow days before any snow fell this season.

Roads were blocked by trees. Wires were dangling dangerously above. Last week was a week that it was tough to get around in parts of Wayne County after all the winds from Sandy.

It was a week with no classes for students at Western Wayne School District.

“It's very difficult to believe. We've lost a week of school and not a flake of snow has fallen,” said Clayton Lacoe, acting superintendent.

Lacoe showed us what those five days off mean to the school calendar. Kids were supposed to get out May 30, now they'll go through the first week of June.

“From a weather perspective, I would love to have a winter like last winter. If I could have it again like last year I would, but it doesn't look like that. All the models we've seen show it will be more normal than last year,” said Lacoe.

There are numerous school districts dealing with this problem. At Western Wayne they are adding extra days onto the end of the year, but at other districts like Wallenpaupack just down the road, they have built in snow days, but they're almost gone now too.

“It's crazy. I'm just hoping the end of school doesn't push until the end of June,” said Ken Urian, a parent of two children at Western Wayne, "My daughter's looking at college, so she's getting anxious to go too."

School administrators know it's a lot easier to get kids to focus this time of year than in sunny, warm June.

“To have those days in June, although they're still valuable and we'll still get stuff done, it's not like having kids in school in October,” said Lacoe.