Voter Turnout High in Montour County

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DANVILLE -- The line to vote wrapped around the room at Trinity Methodist Church near Danville. Many voters say they did not mind the wait.

"We waited about 20-25 minutes, something like that. I don't believe it was a half hour," Karen Marinaccio said.

By lunchtime more than 400 people had cast their ballots here. That's just under 20% of the registered voters in Montour County's largest precinct. Judge of Elections Brad Bason says turnout is always high during a presidential election.

"We're right on task. We'll probably be around 1,100-1,200 hundred by the end of the day," Bason said.

Voter turnout has also been high and some of the smaller municipalities in Montour County. Here in Washingtonville there are 150 registered to vote. As of lunchtime, 27 people cast their ballots.

"For a small borough we've done quite well. There's usually only around 100 people who vote in a presidential election. For this time of the day we've done pretty well," Nancy Yeich said.

Most voters we talked with say it is the presidential election that brought them out.

"We need to get new fresh faces, ideas of that nature and there has got to be some changes," Marinaccio said.

Many voters say the issue they are most concerned about is the economy. For Mary Haefner there's even more at stake.

"For hospitalization, medicare, and all the problems with all the jobs and everything," Haefner said.

"You really have no right to complain if you don't stand up and vote. I think the most important thing is learning the facts and making an intelligent decision," Jim Marinaccio said.