Scranton School Prepares For Campaign Visit

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SCRANTON -- Democrats are trying to hold on to Pennsylvania as the Republicans try to take it away.

The Obama campaign is bringing in a big name to our area, Monday night.

Crews brought out the podium, the staging, the lights, and other items to be used for the rally. Everything was unloaded from trucks outside the Scranton High School gym early Monday, where former President Bill Clinton will attempt to rally the Democratic faithful, and sway the undecideds.

Outside, students made their way to class, unconcerned with the preparations in the gym.

When asked if he cared about the election, J.R. Wentlend said, "a little, but not too much."    

There is an impact on students, and not just because phys-ed classes are reporting to the auditorium because the Obama campaign is using the gym.

"Jobs and the economy stuff, and like, where to go after college," said Amy Markowski.     

Senior Jim McAndrew agrees with fellow senior Amy Markowski.  He sees the Obama Romney race as one that really influences his future.

"I care a lot, see what they say about education and about our future because we're going in to college next year," said McAndrew.

There is an added dimension for McAndrew. Tuesday, he will vote in his first presidential race. McAndrew said he will listen very carefully to what both Obama and Romney have to say in the final hours leading up to the election.

Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes up for grabs.      

The state last went for a Republican back in 1988.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

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