Former President Visits Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Bill Clinton entered the gym at Scranton high school to raucous applause.

He remains popular in the hometown of his wife's father, and he met an enthusiastic crowd of democrats on the night before the election.

The former president urged them to re-elect the current president. Saying he supports a second term for Barack Obama, because of Obama's stances on things like health care and the military.

"We've had the lowest inflation in health care costs in the last two years that America's had in 51 years, I want Barack Obama to be re-elected president," said Clinton.

"I am for him because he has been steadfastly committed to taking care of the men and women in uniform when they come home. When they bear the wounds of war, when they need education or housing or jobs he's been there for them," the former president said.

Clinton took some swipes at Republican Mitt Romney, calling him a flip-flopper with no real budget plan.

But the former president spent most of the evening praising the current president.

"Vote for Barack Obama to give us a better future. God bless you all, thank you," said Clinton.