Decision 2012: Berwick Mock Election

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BERWICK -- High schoolers in Berwick are weighing in on Decision 2012. Casting ballots for this year's presidential election.

It's all happening here at a mock polling location in the high school cafeteria and run by students themselves.

"It`s been fun to see people excited about voting because normally people our age aren`t very excited, but you can tell that some people are interested in politics, so it`s cool to see," said Kendall Potter, a senior.

AP government teacher Bruce Guenther said he's been doing this since the 90's, working to educate students through a very hands on experience.

"I like to set it up so the students have an opportunity to see what a polling place is like, to remove a little bit of the mystery about it, and then get their voice, get their opinion out there so they feel like they`ve been heard," said Guenther.

"I think it`s really cool, I think it`s really important to vote, like we were saying earlier, you can`t complain then when you don`t vote," said Erica Robbins, a senior.

Students voting here in Berwick today said this mock election is helping them learn about the candidates and issues that are important to their community.  But it`s also teaching them about the process of voting, like how to register.

Many of those casting ballots in Berwick High aren't legally able to vote, but they're learning exactly what to do when they hit that age, making that transition a bit easier.

"People ask, how old you have to be. How do you register, those kinds of questions," said Potter.

"I think it really helps out just getting the experience doing it right here and when you`re old enough to do it I think it really does help you out," said CJ Curry, a junior.

It's starting up a lot of conversations as well.

"We were just talking about like who we want to win and why. And it`s just like a big deal to everyone," said Alexis Steeber, a sophomore.

You can cast your real ballot starting Tuesday, November 6th.