President Bill Clinton Coming to Scranton

SCRANTON -- President Bill Clinton is scheduled to stop in Scranton Monday to stump for President Obama.

President Obama doesn't have any trips to Pennsylvania scheduled today or tomorrow, but he is sending in a big name surrogate -- former President Bill Clinton will be at a rally in Scranton Monday evening.

Other candidates in our area have tried to tap into former President Clinton's star power, with mixed results.  The most recent -- Congressman Paul Kanjorski.  There was a rally two years ago in Nanticoke. If it helped Kanjorski, it wasn't enough. The longtime congressman lost that election to Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta.

Mitt Romney is taking his best shot at winning in Pennsylvania.  His volunteers worked the phones in Scranton Sunday, encouraging people to vote, and vote Republican.

The candidate himself made his first trip to Pennsylvania this fall. At a rally outside of Philadelphia, Mitt Romney predicted Pennsylvania will be Republican red Tuesday night.

The Romney rally in Bucks County drew 30,000 people.

As for the Democrats in Scranton, the Clinton rally begins at Scranton High School Monday at 7:30 p.m. It's free, but you do need a ticket to get in.

For tickets, click here.


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