Local Help for NYC Sandy Victims

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FREELAND -- A man from Luzerne County is doing his part to help Sandy victims in New York City.

He's collecting personal care and cleaning products for a New York shelter that was damaged in the storm.

It's images like these that made Michael Hadzick, from Freeland, feel compelled to help Sandy victims living in New York City, especially after hearing about the Covenant House, a shelter for homeless New York teenagers, including young mothers.

"There are teenagers that they've worked with before that they set up housing for, and with the recent storm that passed, they lost that, and so now these teenagers are back on the street," said Michael Hadzick, of Freeland.

Now Michael is on a mission to help them.

He's held various drives and fundraisers in the past for his brother, a soldier in Iraq, and his seven-year-old special needs nephew. His latest effort for Sandy victims is already underway.

"This weekend I'll probably bring a box down."

Video Mania here on Center Street in Freeland and the nearby Shur Save grocery store will both be drop-off centers for donations for the Covenant House.

Especially since this organization helps teenage mothers, some of the best products to donate are baby items, like baby food, wipes and diapers.

"The coverage of New York, it's devastating, so we wanted to help out any way we could," said Shur Save manager Marissa Martin.

Donation boxes won't be set up until Sunday, but shoppers at Shur Save, like Donna Castiglione, who just recently moved to White Haven from Queens, New York says she's more than happy to donate once the boxes are here.

"I was out of power for 22 hours so compared to what my friends and family are going through, it's nothing compared to what they're going through. It's so hard," said Castiglione.

"In the past when I've done anything and reached out to the community, this community has come through all of the time in overwhelming amounts," said Hadzick.

Michael is hoping the community will again on behalf of Sandy victims.

If you'd like to help Michael with his drive, you can email him at mhadzick@yahoo.com