Generators for Sale, but Hard to Find

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DICKSON CITY -- Generators continue to be a hot item around town, and evacuees from New Jersey and New York seem to be buying up the stock in Pennsylvania as soon as any generators hit area shelves.

However, the people at DJ's RV Rental near Bloomsburg want customers to know, they've got plenty.

"We`re a day late, but there`s still a lot of people out there that need generators, and we have them. As you can see we have a stack of them here," said Bill Bower, sales manager.

They've got 23 to be exact. The shipment came in a little late, but they're already getting calls from as far away as New Jersey.

"If they didn`t have power since Monday, their refrigerators and freezers are pretty much done, but if you have a furnace, you could use this to run your furnace," said Bower.

At Grand Rental Station in Dickson City, they've also still got about 10 generators left, and they unloaded about 100 in downtown Manhattan this week to lend a hand.

"We felt good about it. It`s something that we don't normally do because we`re not heavy into retail, but this time we were able to do it, and it opened up a new avenue for us," said Mike Haddock, the owner.

At stores like Home Depot in Dickson City, it`s a different story. They`ve sold out of all their generators, and they`re still getting flooded with requests from customers in need from out-of-state.

Suzanne and her family traveled to Scranton from New Jersey to drop their son back off at the University of Scranton. They heard Home Depot had a few generators left and were able to grab the last few.

"We left the hotel, came over here in about five to 10 minutes and they only had six left, so we picked up two," said Susan VanHoorebeke of Long Valley.

They've loaded up their car with nine gas cans as well. They're expecting to be without power for two more weeks, but this common story is leaving many in Northeastern PA without. Henry Joerz of Gouldsboro said it's only a minor problem to him.

"Our house is still there, so thank God we`re all good. We`ve got nothing to complain about there. People are in a lot worse off situations," said Joerz.