Gas “To Go”

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BARTONSVILLE -- The long lines to fill up are becoming a common sight at many gas stations just off Interstate 80, close to the border to New Jersey.

Something else residents are noticing, is that most of the cars are from New Jersey.

"In my town, they cut you off at a certain time and the gas lines are a mile, two miles long. You sit there for two, three hours, and run out of gas waiting in line," said Deborah Williams, of Flanders, New Jersey.

"Five hour waits, you're lucky to get the gas, or they turn you away and you've wasted five hours of your day," said Russ Siberine, of Fanders, New Jersey.

There are also long lines outside this advance auto parts store in Bartonsville.

New Jersey residents are also waiting with a number in hand to get one of the hottest items: Gas cans.

"I came here yesterday to get gas cans there was a line about 50 people at the door. There were 100 cans, everyone bought three cans each, so they ran out," said Robert Liska, of Budd Lake, of New Jersey.

The limit: three per person with a cost of $60.00 dollars.

But no matter who you ask, the drive to get the costly cans is worth it.

"I came out to look for gasoline for other people who don't have gas for their generators, that's what I'm doing now," said Mike Chinery, of Mount Olive, New Jersey.