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Curley, Schultz Hit With New Charges

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HARRISBURG — For the second time in about a year, both former top officials at Penn State University were in court near Harrisburg to face charges.

Former university vice president Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley are now facing charges of obstructing justice and endangering the welfare of children.

The university’s former president, Graham Spanier, faces the same charges, including perjury, and is expected in court next week.

Attorneys for Curley and Schultz said prosecutors are going to have a tough time proving both men lied to a grand jury about what they knew, or didn’t know, about reports that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing boys.

“The prosecution recognized that, and this year they’re asking for a do-over. I maintain Mr. Curley is innocent and we will aggressively pursue this case for the next year,” said Caroline Roberto, Curley’s attorney.

Thursday, state prosecutors announced the charges against all three men who are accused of knowing about two times when Sandusky was accused of abusing boys and opting to keep the reports from getting out.

“They essentially turned a blind eye to the serial predatory acts of Jerry Sandusky committed on the campus of Penn State when they all knew children were the victims of these assaults,” said Linda Kelly, the PA Attorney General.

Curley and Schultz are still scheduled for trial in January, but that’s likely to change now that there’s new evidence. Emails between both men and Graham Spanier that appear to discuss how to deal with Sandusky’s crimes.

Attorney for Gary Schultz, Tom Farrell, claims all three men would never intentionally cover up something like child sex abuse.

“People of this character would not do and have not done what they’re charged with. I’m saying the charges are wrong, they’re false,” said Farrell.