Day Four Without Power in Wayne County

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DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP -- The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is still hitting thousands of residents in Northeastern Pennsylvania hard.

PPL said more than 12,000 customers are still without power in Wayne County alone.

Folks there said they don't expect to get it back for another week.

In Damascus Township, more than a thousand customers are still without power and are doing the best they can to get by.

The sound of a generator is the sound of hope to many in Wayne County.

The many that have been out of power for days after Sandy ripped down trees and knocked over power lines in Damascus Township.

Rich Egan and his wife have not had electricity since Monday. They've been told they could be waiting a long time.

"I'm hoping for Friday or Saturday for power, I don't know we'll see. The power company called us up and said seven to 10 days," said Rich Egan of Damascus Township.

Beverly Dally lives up the road. She's been out walking checking on some storm damage in her neighborhood. Dally has been using a small generator during the outage, and it's been giving her lots of problems.

"You have to kind of regulate whether you'll have your refrigerator going or your toilet bowl flushing and obviously not a choice you want to make. You want to have your running water. After a few days it wears on you," said Beverly Dally of Damascus Township.

The storm knocked down a tree and brought down power lines blocking one of the main roads for a few days, that's when one neighbor said they took matters into their own hands.

"My husband went down last night and cut it, it was as simple as that. He cut the tree and half of it is still on the line, and the other half is in the ditch, and now people can get through," said Jennifer Canfield of Damascus Township.

Canfield owns some horses, and said doing chores in the dark has been hard. She, like many others, hopes crews get out to Damascus sooner than later.

"Here in Damascus, we need you! So please pull through!" said Dally.

PPL said crews are working as fast as possible to get all of the affected areas fixed as soon as possible.