Roderick Sims Found Guilty of All Charges

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LEWISBURG -- It took the jury in Union County less than two hours to reach a verdict. Roderick Sims was found guilty of all charges against him, including second-degree murder. He spoke to Newswatch 16 after the verdict and called the jury "racist".

"It was an all-white jury. It was just a legal lynching here in Union County. There was no justice served today," Sims said.

Roderick Sims was led back to jail after the guilty verdict at the Union County Courthouse in Lewisburg.

A jury found Sims guilty second-degree murder and other charges. He shot and killed his fiancée and mother of his three children, Charity Spickler in 2008 at an apartment in Lewisburg.

Spickler's family was emotional after the verdict. District Attorney Pete Johnson said the family and the prosecution are very pleased with the verdict.

Sims had to wear a shocking device on his leg during the trial because he is known to speak out during his court appearances.

Johnson says the shocking device was not used during the trial. Sims was quiet as the verdict was read, but spoke to Newswatch 16 afterwards. He called the verdict "corrupt".

"I love my wife. I love her family and I love my family. It was injustice here. I will appeal or whatever I have to do to prove my innocence," Sims said.

Roderick Sims is scheduled to be sentenced Friday in Union County court. He faces life in prison.