PPL Asks for Patience and Safety

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DALTON -- Two full days passed with more than 100,000 people in the area that were without power.

Most of those that were in the dark were PPL customers. The power company said Wednesday it could be through the weekend before everyone will have their power restored.

PPL knows those without power were weary, but asked for more patience, and offered tips to stay safe.

Thousands of people that were without power wanted to see the utility crew on the job restoring electricity.

"Sure it's frustrating when you are out of power, but try to keep in mind this is going to be one of the top five storms in PPL history," said Regional Director of PPL, Rich Beasley.

PPL has an emergency operation center in Scranton that dispatched for 60,000 outages in Northeastern PA alone.

Trucks from throughout the country showed up to help, but PPL couldn't answer the biggest question from customers:

"At this particular point it is very difficult for us to tell an individual customer, yes we will have you back at this date and this time. That will become clearer as our restoration efforts progress," said Beasley.

PPL said it was prioritizing fixing the lines that would get the most people back on first, but obviously that meant there were a lot of jobs out there they hadn't been able to get to at that time.

"I completely understand. What can you do? It happens and I know they're really busy.  We're just thankful no one was hurt here," Stacy Stuenzi of Dalton.

The Stuenzi house in Dalton had a generator. It powered the refrigerator inside, and the television to keep four kids entertained.

They relied on the fire for heat.

"We feel like Little House on the Prairie, lighting the fire and doing what we can," said Stuenzi.

For customers that were without power, PPL was offering free bags of ice and gallon jugs of water at Joe's Quick Marts, Weis markets and Giant supermarkets.

PPL also offered safety tips:

To turn off electric stoves or space heaters and unplug sensitive home electronics to protect them when power returned.

Not to heat with a gas oven or range.

Generators shouldn’t be in home, garage or basement.

Perishable items only last 48 hours in your freezer.

"Even over the weekend we were trying to advise customers this was going to be a serious storm and to take the necessary preparations. We're hoping they did that," said Beasley.