Power Company Control Center

SCRANTON -- To get the lights back on to thousands of customers, PPL's fairly new command center has been up and running around clock.  

The place along Larch Street in Scranton opened within the past six months. Sandy is the first storm when it's been utilized.

Inside the command center about two dozen workers are monitoring outages and keeping in touch with line crews to get power restored to troubled areas.

"This operation never shuts down. This is a 24/7 operation," said PPL spokesperson Rich Beasley. "We are going to be here until after last customer is back in service."   

This PPL command center is mostly focusing on repairing outages in the Scranton, Honesdale, and Pocono areas.

A company spokesperson said PPL should have a better idea of when everyone's power in our area will be restored later in the day Wednesday.


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