New Jersey Storm Victims Find Gas in the Poconos

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Because power is still out in much of New Jersey, gas stations are still closed, and where there is gas, there are lines miles long.

Some storm victims from New Jersey are traveling to the Poconos in droves just to fill up.

A long line of cars waited on the side of Route 209 in Smithfield Township just off of Interstate 80 for gas at the Gulf station. Most of the people in line are storm refugees from New Jersey.

Many of the drivers said they came here to find gas from up to an hour away, like Cari James, from Sussex.

"Yesterday we sat in line for an hour and a half and got gas. Today we went to Newton, no gas, and then we sat at a Shell station for two hours, got 10 cars away and then they ran out of gas," said Cari James of Sussex, New Jersey.

"Yesterday there was gas, today it’s iffy. People were waiting in line for two hours and it just by the time you get there it’s empty. I figured I'd save time and come here and get it," said Blake Forgey of Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.

There were even good samaritans watching out for people they didn't even know.

Doug McGee just got out of New York City after being stranded by Sandy when he ran out of gas. Along came Jim Austin, who gave Doug his last gallon, just enough to get to the pump.

"We made it out of New York and we’re trying to get back to Lexington, Kentucky," said McGee.

"I was barely making it had about a gallon of gas left in the truck there, and I said as long as he makes it there, I’ll run on fumes here," said Austin.

At the next exit west on Interstate 80 at the Exxon in East Stroudsburg, folks waited up to 20 minutes for gas.

"Anything open closer than here? No, nothing that I saw because the power is out all over the place. There’s gas stations all over but no power. Everywhere I look there were mile and a half to two mile long lines to get gas," said Randy Valentine of Morris County, New Jersey.