Lights Still Out in Mountain Top

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RICE TOWNSHIP -- There are still thousands of homes and businesses without power in Luzerne County. We found PPL crews working to restore power lines in Mountain Top on Wednesday, but some neighbors in Rice Township are still waiting for help.

For Roger Sadowski, the past couple of days have been frustrating to say the least. He's had no power and no water at his home in Mountain Top.

"We have two tubs. We filled both of them when we knew the storm was coming so we're basically using water we poured into the sink, wash our face and hands and whatever parts we can get cleaned," said Sadowski.

Sadowski and his wife rely on this well in the yard for water, but without electricity, they can't use it. They do have a generator, but he says it's already running low on gas.

Just walking through this section of rice township, you can tell there's a power problem and not because of storm damage, but if you just take a second to listen, you hear the buzz of generators coming from everywhere.

At Eddie Welsh's house, he's put 25 gallons of gas into his generator, which is powering his TV and space heater, but it's also keeping him home from work.

"We're missing a day of work for no reason because we have to babysit the generator," said Welsh.

Just across the street, Carl Krupa is using his generator to run his TV and refrigerator, but his sump pump failed, and his basement flooded.

Newswatch 16 did find PPL crews restoring power along Route 309 in Mountain Top.

However Krupa said the last he heard, it could still be days before the power comes back.

"That's disheartening to hear that because if you drive around Mountain Top, you're going to see that there doesn't appear to be that much damage," said Krupa.

Krupa said his neighborhood has had power outages before, but never like this.