Day Three Without Power in Wayne County

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In Wayne County, more than 16,000 people are still without power on Wednesday.

PPL serves a big part of the county and said it could be a while before everyone is back up and running.

Folks are still cleaning up storm damage, keeping up their spirits, and even getting ready for some Halloween festivities.

The cleanup continues in Wayne County, after Sandy's super storm winds blew through and left behind dozens of downed trees and power lines.

These guys in the Gouldsboro area, are friends of the homeowner, helping him clear off his property.

Many have been out of power for days, some staying with friends and family. Others, like this crew, are out helping those in need.

"It's not that bad once you get the guys together, everybody has a good time you start working through it and everybody enjoys themselves and keep each other company, keeps our spirits up," said Francis Sickle of Lehigh Township.

Folks said this is a major problem they've been seeing in the area, a lot of downed trees and low-lying power lines, making traveling, very difficult.

Driver after driver turned back on a road in Clifton Township. Not taking the chance of driving under the hanging tree on a live wire.

"This here you're never going to get through this, this is terrible, it really is," said a neighbor.

A woman who owns a tree cutting business said she's never seen damage like this. Everywhere you turn, trees are split in half and have landed somewhere, like on a truck and car.

She said she wants to help anyone, even those who can't afford to pay her.

"Anybody that is out there, that is stuck, that needs help, call us, we will come and help you," said Michelle Pongracz of All Around Tree Specialists.

Others said, no matter what, you have to keep on moving.

"The kids are still going trick or treating tonight, we're going to my house, my lights came on, we're going to freshen up, were going to keep on going," Janice Gragnano of Sterling.

Sandy even bought a bit of an early treat to some kids this Halloween.

"No school for like three days, it was so awesome," said Isabelle Herkimer.