Wind Whipped Wayne County

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LAKE ARIEL -- For Joe and Joann Roedel hurricane Sandy came crashing right into their home near Lake Ariel. Sandy's strong winds knocked over this tree, crushing their pick-up truck and smashing into their roof.

"The house shook and I don't get scared that much and this I said what the heck was that?" said Joe Roedel.

"We heard the biggest boom that I ever heard and our lights flickered and then went out and my husband came out on the front porch and saw this," said Joann Roedel.

Another car got hit by the branch too.  The wind left the family with two vehicles and a home damaged plus no power.

"It was the worst I've ever heard it and I'm a country girl.  I've lived up here my whole life and that's the worst I ever heard it," said Joanne.

In nearby Hamlin, it's hard to miss all the trees that are down, wires too.

Route 191 was blocked by a dangling pole and all along Route 590, businesses are closed because there is no power.

The Weis Market is open but only on a limited basis, no refrigerated products.

"It's nice of them to do this at least.  I didn't think we'd be allowed in without the lights back on," said Chris Lamas, of Paupack Township.

This has become a spot to seek essentials for those without power. Even the simple essentials.

"Well I wanted coffee that was basically it. Gas stations are closed.  I was surprised they were open here," said Nancy Heater, of Mount Cobb.

We did find a crew out working for PPL, but they have a lot of problem areas to get to.

Power crews certainly have their challenges.  First they have to get to the outages and a lot of roads are blocked by trees.  Plus once they fix one job, more are popping up.  Wires here just came down, you can see them smoking on the ground.

"We thought we were very lucky and then just 15 minutes before you guys came we just heard a big boom and I saw the sparks shooting from down the road," said Melissa Shipman, of Paupack Township.

Melissa shipman thought she had weathered the storm here at lake wallenpaupack.  Then this tree came down this afternoon.

"Now our power is out and we have three little ones inside so we'll see what happens," said Joann Roedel.