Waiting for Power in Wayne County

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LAKE WALLENPAUPACK -- A lot of people were sitting in the dark Tuesday night in Wayne County, where there were around 20,000 homes and businesses without power.

The power crews were at work trying to restore electricity for people in Wayne County.

That includes everyone living in the Wallenpaulpack Lake Estates housing development. Some trees are down in the area, and every home is without electric service.

"Just this morning we said well we'll have to go back to the old days. We'll figure out what they were," said Ruth Ann Zurla of Wallenpaulpack Lake Estates.

Ted and Ruth Ann Zurla said they'll make the best of it, and at least they have heat.

"We have the wood stove. We'll be warm, we have a fireplace in the den. We invited our elderly neighbors if they need heat to come over," said Zurla.

The sound of generators rang through the development, not everyone was sitting in the dark. Danny Iannucci is one of them.

"Thank god I brought that with me from New York, it's a God send," stated Iannucci of Wallenpaulpack Estates.

Power crews certainly had their challenges. First, they had to get to the outages and a lot of roads that were blocked by trees. Plus, once they fixed one job, more popped up.  Wires in the area came down, and they were smoking on the ground.

"Oh yeah, I couldn't get out anywhere. There was a tree down there a tree down that way," said Matt Swingle of Salem Township.

A fallen tree and utility pole was blocking Swingle's road, which is not far from Lake Wallenpaupack.

He too was relying on a generator for power and happy he made that investment.

"Who knows how long we'll be out, they said up to a week maybe even longer," said Swingle.

Wind damage effected many parts of Wayne County.

A tree crushed a truck and hit a house near Lake Ariel.

The gusts toppled a steel structure billboard near Hamlin.

The biggest problem was the power. Even McDonalds joined other businesses in Hamlin that closed their doors, all because of the wind.

"It was the worst I've ever heard it and I'm a country girl. I've lived up here my whole life and that's the worst I ever heard it,” said Joann Roedel of Lake Township.

It certainly left its mark there.