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Storm Raises Roofs In Lackawanna County

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At least two homes had their roofs damaged by strong winds overnight in Lackawanna County.

A roof was ripped off a home and was thrown on top of a car in Jermyn.

It happened at an apartment home in the 500 block of Washington Avenue late last night.

The owner said three people are out of the home and are being helped by the Red Cross.

The homeowner was shocked to see big section of his roof on the ground.

"I had no idea it was going to be that big of a piece of it blown off the roof. I heard it was like a three foot by ten foot section, not a thirty foot by ten foot section," said Herb Black    

Crews secured the rest of the roof.

Sandy took out another roof early Tuesday on Ridge Road in Throop.

The two people who live there said they heard a noise and came outside to find their metal roof gone.

They said they have no insurance and no money to fix the home.

"We heard a loud crash so we came upstairs. We were actually getting ready to go down to his mother's house and he came out the back to check on the dog and we noticed that the roof was off. The whole thing came right off," said Rose Gutknecht.

Authorities say the building is now condemned.

Those residents are staying with relatives.