Storm Damage in Union County

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Some people who live near Mifflinburg are picking up the pieces Sandy left behind. In West Buffalo Township, a roof was blown off of a barn that had animals inside.

Not much is left of this barn on Shively Road near Mifflinburg. The roof blew off, thanks to Sandy's heavy wind.

"I heard a loud noise and then I was like I think the barn fell down. I looked out the side window and saw the roof blow off the barn," Trevor Ulrich said.

Trevor Ulrich and his family live in the house next to the barn in West Buffalo Township. They say there were almost a dozen farm animals inside. All of them are fine.

Just a few blocks away, even more store damage behind the Forest Hills General Store. This tree was uprooted and smashed into this building.

"It was between 10-2, there was constant wind that was shaking my house and shaking the windows. I said to my girlfriend, I think we're in trouble," Donald Tyson said.

Sandy blew down dozens of trees in Union County. People who live on Gast Road near Mifflinburg took matters into their own hands.

"Just trying to clean up the road, you couldn't pass through here this morning. There were eight trees right here across the road. That pole and that pole all cracked in half," Todd Baker said.

Todd Baker and his neighbors lost power early Monday afternoon. They are not expecting it to come back this week. Baker says some of his neighbors spent the night in their cars to keep warm.

"This is the worst one I've ever seen here. This road was absolutely unbelievable this morning. Nobody was getting anywhere," Baker said.

A spokesperson says PPL is making repairs, but it is too early to tell when everyone's power will be back on.