Starting to Get the Power Back On

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PIATT TOWNSHIP - The job now for power companies is to get the lights back on for thousands of people in our area.

In parts of Lycoming County, the damage was less severe than other areas.

The generator had been humming along for 15 hours outside a home near Jersey Shore and still, there was no indication for the Rhinehart family when the power will be back on.

"We have a generator hooked up, keeps our heat going, and fridge running, just a way to cook food," said John Rhinehart of Piatt Township.

Trees all over the area were no match for fierce winds and crashed down on power lines. A number of secondary roads were shut down by the storm damage.

PPL crews were beginning to assess the situation, and make repairs here near Montgomery. After a night without electricity, Betsy Livermore's home was back to normal.

"We didn't get it too bad at all, being without power is inconvenient, other people have it way worse, so we're doing good," she said.

Crews have been out in force ever since the damage was done by Sandy in the central Pennsylvania region, said officials with PPL. Those officials want customers, people who own homes and businesses, to be patient as they try to restore service throughout 7 counties.

"Every county we serve has outages, and some have large numbers, we'll be working through these cases for a number of days," said PPL spokeswoman Teri MacBride.

Inside the PPL Regional Storm Control Center near Montoursville, it is where information about storm damage from crews in the field is relayed back.

That way, power crews can continue working to return service to people who are making do without electricity for now.