Sandy Claims Another Life In Carbon Monoxide Death

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PENN FOREST TOWNSHIP -- Another death is being blamed on Sandy, this time in Carbon County.

Three adults and a child were taken to the hospital late Tuesday afternoon after emergency officials say a generator running in their garage filled the home with carbon monoxide.

Emergency officials say one of the adults is dead.

Emergency responders say a generator running inside a garage at a home in Valley View Estates caused three adults and a child to fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The four were taken to the hospital. One of the victims died.

Valley View Estates Board Director Bob Salerno says he's been going door to door since the Penn Forest Township property lost power, hoping to avoid any type of storm-related accidents.

“We've been driving around checking on neighbors, the elderly, make sure that people who have generators running they're well-vented,” said Salerno.

Carbon County Emergency Management Director Mark Nalesnik says this is the first storm related fatality due to carbon monoxide since Sandy came through.

However he says fire crews have been getting several calls about generator-related health issues since the power went out.

“If you're going to use a generator, do not use it inside the building,” said Nalesnik. “Do not use it anywhere near the home or the residence where the fumes from the motor can come back into the home.”

And as the electricity remains off, Nalesnik fears there could be more generator-related problems to come.

“This power outage will continue for multiple days and through carelessness or just not knowing there could be more of these incidents.”

Emergency officials say a first responder at the home was overwhelmed by fumes and was treated on scene.