Property Owners Now Face Power Problems, Clean-Up

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In Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties, thousands are still in the dark and could be for days.     

As Sandy's fury starts to fade away, the storm's aftermath is really starting to show.

At Miller's Country Store along Routes 6 & 11 in Glenburn Township, just outside of Clarks Summit, heavy wind overnight uprooted a massive tree taking a shed and trailer with it.

"I was kind of taken back and kind of happy because the road and nothing got hit," said Brian Moran, owner of Miller's Country Store. "It didn't hit the neighbors either."

Many homeowners like Charlotte Wright of the Moscow area also awoke to a mess outside her Spring Brook Township Home along Route 690.

It's a scene playing out in many neighborhoods across our area, many spending the day in the same weather boat of sorts; no power, a cluttered yard, and trees toppled onto their homes.

"About midnight we heard this sudden thud. All the lights in the neighborhood go out and we look out and there's this huge tree just laying on our house," said Wright. "So far we can't tell what the damage is. Internally it looks good but it looks like we'll have to wait and see what the damage is."

Surprisingly Wright thinks the sight after the storm isn't as bad as she and her husband expected.  

"We do have some bigger trees that we were worried would come down on the house, but all in all we got lucky."

For some others, if their property was spared, their morning commute wasn't. A downed tree in Luzerne County slowed down some folks in the Trucksville area. Harris Hill Road off of Route 309 was closed for hours.

Toppled trees and closed roads were just some of the damage done overnight. Wind snapped a traffic light at the intersection of South Main and Blackman Streets in Wilkes-Barre.

City firefighters kept watch on the intersection until DPW crews could fix the traffic light trouble in this part of Luzerne County.