Power Outages Surge in Mountain Top

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MOUNTAIN TOP -- When Sandy made her way through Mountain Top it took down this utility pole in one woman's front yard.

"Around 12:00 a.m. the pole got down. There was a lot of sparks, like fireworks around here. So I had to call 911," said Marta Niedzielska, of Rockaway, NY.

Niedzielska left Rockaway Sunday before Sandy touched down.

She brought her kids to their mother's house here in Mountain Top but they still couldn't escape the damage.

Now the road is closed and her family has to boil water on their grill for warm baby formula.

"We'll wait two, three hours and we'll go to the hotel because there is no way we can stay in a cold house without hot water with two little kids," said Niedzielska.

She said she likely won't be able to get back to New York until Saturday.

Meanwhile, crews told her power was shut down throughout the neighborhood to avoid the pole sparking a fire.

In small neighborhoods where the power is out, it always helps to have a generator just in case.

A generator is the only thing getting Mike Gamble through the day.

He lives down the street from that downed pole.

"Haven't had to use it too often, thank god. But it does the trick, keeping the refrigerator running, freezer running, and they've got the TV on," said Mike Gamble, of Wright Township.

Despite the outage, Gamble said he feels lucky.

"This ain't bad. I feel sorry for the guys on the east coast. Boy, Jersey and New York," said Gamble.

All victims in Sandy's vicious path.