Plains Township in the Dark

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Based on numbers from PPL and UGI, there are still more than 30,000 homes and businesses without power in Luzerne County. The hardest hit area according to PPL is Plains Township.

It was an eerily quiet day in Plains Township.

Traffic lights are not working. Business after business is blacked out. Store owners, including Donna Drury, who didn't want her face on camera, scrambling over what to do next.

"A friend said his son-in-law had a generator, but it wasn't big enough to run the pumps, so we couldn't use it," said Drury.

Thanks to Sandy, Donna's convenience store on River Street in Plains is suddenly not so convenient. There's no power, no gas, and no customers.

"I feel lost really, because I don`t know what to do, just keep my chin up I guess," said Drury.

Her store's not the only one. Burger King is closed. Banks are shut down. Victoria Garwacki stopped by Rite Aid to pick up a flashlight, but she was turned away.

"I was walking around with a flashlight. You don`t know how good you have it until you don`t have it," said Garwacki.

Weis Market managed to stay open thanks to a backup generator.

This Weis Market is open but it's limited. If you want non-perishable items, you're fine, but if you want refrigerated items or frozen items, you're not going to find them here.

"I was looking for some meats and cheese and hot dogs, but everything refrigerated is not available," said Robert Sauers of Plains Township.

Jim Dourand is without power at his home in Harveys Lake. He said he got more out of his trip to Weis than he expected.

"I was glad they were open because I didn`t think they were going to be the way things looked here," said Dourand.

Dourand said he may have been able to run his errands, but the day felt anything but normal.

"It's a little weird. It's like desolate. You see a few people around. Some spots have it, some have spots don't," said Dourand.

Some people we spoke with in Plains Township said PPL officials were telling them it could be three or four days until their power is back up.

We reached out to PPL. They told us it could be days, but they have no definite timeline. They're still out assessing damage.