No Power, No Business on Business Route 6

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EYNON -- What's usually one of the busiest sections of Lackawanna County's mid-valley was more like a ghost town after sandy came through. Very little business going happening on business Route 6 in Eynon.

Owners showed up in the morning to find their storefronts dark.

"You know, you couldn't see anything in here. Me and my business partner put a car in the window and tried to do our own work out and there's just now way we could've opened," said James Staffaroni, Valley X-fit.

We saw a lot of signs like this one hanging up in windows along business Route 6 in eynon. Nearly all of the places in this section were shut down and traffic lights weren't working. That surprised some people when they, as the locals said, went "up the line" as though it were a typical Tuesday.

"There's nothing up the line, you know Carbondale and everything is alright. I was surprised when I got down here but i guess the whole strip is out, there's no traffic lights or anything," said Joan Shattin, of Finch Hill.

The traffic lights here on Wildcat Road are working but only a few feet away this one is out. It seems like everything east on business Route 6 in Eynon is out and business owners say they could be without power for at least another full day.

PPL crews found the main problem.

A downed tree knocked out one power line that services the nearby general dynamics plant, a few homes, and all of those businesses on business Route 6 in Eynon. Even though they haven't gotten a hard answer on when the problem will be fixed. Some businesses decided to power through and stay open.

"We service 34 counties and we have businesses that are open and trucks on the road so we're going to service our customers to the best of our ability until the power comes back on," said Jeff Boam, of Ace Beverage Company.