Motocross Racer From Susquehanna County

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15-year-old Mountain View freshman Schae Thomas rides his motocross bike at Hurricane Hills in Lackawanna County near the borough of Clifford.

Control, coordination, and consistency count in this sport. Schae shined in his first full season as an amateur in motocross winning the Pennsylvania and New York State championship in the 250cc class for a four lap motocross.

"I guess it's kind of the adrenaline rush you get from I like playing soccer or basketball. Doing this you get that adrenaline rush. You get that feeling inside you like I'm doing this. It's fun," said Schae Thomas.

Schae got his start in racing at the age of five when he purchased his first bike, a few years later at the age of 11 he competed in the amateur National mini-bike championships in Tennessee and he got to ride on the ranch of a famous country music singer Loretta Lynn.

"It was amazing. Best time of my life. Just the racing down there is so much more intense and faster, and to make it down there and to race down there it was a dream come true," again said Schae.

Jumping from the mini-bikes to the much heavier and faster motocross equipment happened pretty quickly once Schae was too heavy for the mini's.

"Most people told us it was going to be hard, but coming off the small bikes to the big bikes with all the extra power and being able to maneuver the bike better you could go a lot faster."

The National Motocross Mini Olympics for amateurs are up next in the month of November and Schae Thomas plans to be in Florida to shine a little Pennsylvania pride.

For more information on Schae and Hurricane Hills you can go to their website