Families in Lackawanna County Deal with Outages

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EYNON -- Thousands of homes and businesses are without power in Lackawanna County, mostly because of downed trees that fell on power lines when Sandy came through.

Larry and Judy Saldi live in Eynon. They've been married for 52 years. And they say if the worst part their power outage is having to spend the whole day in the house together without TV, they can handle it.

"Power went off when we were watching Dancing with the Stars. And the power went off about 20 minutes after 10:00. We were on our way to bed anyway," Judy Saldi said.

Their power was still out come morning and they say it could be that way for at least another day.

So, the pair made do getting around the house with flashlights and candles and all the other necessary supplies.

""We've got flashlights, batteries, water," Larry added.

We found a sense of humor was a common survival method, even in the hardest hit areas of Lackawanna County. Bill Mickere lives in Waverly Township, near Dalton. He woke up without power and a tree blocking the road.

"We have a well, and we don't have well water either so, it's been a fun day," Mickere said.

Dalton Borough had the biggest power outage problems in all of Lackawanna County with nearly 4,000 homes and businesses without power. A downed tree knocked out the main artery of power for the entire borough.

Nearly every home in Dalton was dark. But, folks Newswatch 16 spoke to said they're dealing with it.

they say this doesn't seem so bad when they look at pictures from the damage in new york and new jersey.

"You know we're blessed, we didn't get the brunt of it," said Carmen Scrimalli of Dalton.