Dealing With Storm Aftermath In The Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- One of the hardest-hit areas from Sandy is the Poconos where thousands are without power after fierce winds toppled trees and power lines.

A lot of businesses are without power, including those on Main Street in Stroudsburg.

The pre-dawn scene in Stroudsburg was blackness, with no power for street and traffic lights.

After the sun came up, you could see McMichael Creek still within its banks despite the rain and you could also hear its roar.

You could also hear the noise of the generator outside Scarpelli Italian Specialties, battling to keep the food inside fresh and cold.

"As long as I've got gas, I think I'll be alright," said Frank Scarpelli.

He is also performing a community service. Other businesses are keeping food inside his refrigerators.

Inside the Pocono Inn Town just up the street, there was a single lamp at the front desk, powered by an inverter in a pick-up truck outside. Guests had to use flashlights and take the stairs and they were very understanding.

"It was out of our control. It was an act of God and they basically worked with us."

General manager Tony Ruggerio said he is taking a financial hit. He has had to cancel reservations.

Without power, Stroudsburg is a town where time stood still.

Even as the wind and rain died down, there were still problems driving up and down Main Street.

Jason Smith makes his living behind the wheel. He drives a taxi for the Pocono Cab Company.

"You really can't see, especially with the power out. You can't see pretty much until you're right on top of it, so you've got to be aware of what's around you."

And if that isn't bad enough, Smith said with most stores and restaurants closed, his business is slow.

There is no word when power will be restored.