Students Ready for Sandy

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BLOOMSBURG - Many schools have canceled classes through Tuesday afternoon, including Bloomsburg University in Columbia County. But there's plenty of students on campus at Bloomsburg University.

Sophomore Kristina VanTine was hoping for the best, but prepared for Sandy's worst.

"We were here for the flood and we were evacuated, everyone is kind of like on edge wondering if it`s going to be kind of the same deal.  But it`s a little nuts," said VanTine.

"This year I`m much more prepared as far as getting perishable items, things of that nature.  Make sure I`m safe," said senior Marcus Bruce.

University officials canceled classes late Sunday night and are working to stay ahead of the storm. Their biggest concern for now is high winds.

"We`ve been out already, making sure things are hampered down, anything that could be blown around is removed.  So we want to make sure that everyone`s safe during this time," said Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications Rosalee Rush.

Every dorm has an electronic key system, and if the power goes out, the University is also planning to have staff at the entrances.  They say they'll overcome any other challenges as they come.

As the weather continues to worsen as Sandy makes its way into the area, officials say the best thing students and people who live here can do is plan for what`s to come.

But freshman Sarah Marks and her roommate say they're still nervous.

"We`ve heard stories from last year and everything, like how bad it really was and how all of the students were off for two weeks.  So we don`t know if it will be to that extent or not," said freshman Marks.

Junior Shane Cunningham says with canceled classes he's been busy working at the campus beer distributor. They've been flooded with calls for deliveries.

Cunningham says he'll be taking extra precautions on deliveries through the next few days.

"Stopping, it`s the hardest part.  It`s a little slippery, and just hitting someone, that`s the worst fear," said Cunningham.

Until the storm passes, officials are asking those who can, to stay inside, stay off the roads, and to stay safe.