State Imposes Travel, Vehicle Restrictions Due To Sandy

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Hours before Sandy`s expected arrival in Pennsylvania, highway officials ordered travel restrictions on the interstates.

Both Penn DOT and the PA Turnpike Commission ordered drivers to a maximum of 45 miles an hour.

Certain commercial vehicles, such as oversized tractor trailers and rigs pulling empty trailers are prohibited from traveling on most interstates in northeastern Pennsylvania due to heavy winds.

“Seeing those pulled already, they become expensive kites, those flatbed trailers,” said Mary Shirle of Michigan.

Shirle was getting onto the Turnpike’s Northeast Extension at the Mount Pocono exit.

She`s trying to make it to the Philadelphia area before the weather hits.

She`s glad there are restrictions in place.

“I`m a little nervous,” said Shirle. “I`m trying to keep in touch with my family. I’m about 80 miles away that I`m trying to make it home to so they`re letting me know about conditions there.”

Lauren Green from Lake Harmony agrees.

“Especially if there`s tractor trailers on the road because they`re large and gust of wind that supposed to be 75, 80 miles an hour, they could blow them right over,” said Green.

However drivers say seeing several utility trucks on the interstates was certainly a welcome sight, knowing help is on the way.

“Power outages is what I`m most worried about because they`re saying it could be anywhere from three days to a week, no one really knows what`s going to happen,” said Green.

Late Monday night, Governor Tom Corbett closed the full lengths of interstates 95 and 676 and parts of 76, as well as non-toll portion of 476 heading into Philadelphia until 2 a.m Tuesday.