Sandy Causes Area Businesses To Close Early

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TAMAQUA -- Not even 8 o`clock and the McDonald`s in Hometown sat dark.

As Sandy marches towards the Keystone State, employees here say they got marching orders to close up early.

“We`re usually open all night but tonight because of the hurricane and everything, we decided to close,” said employee Ronald Bridyghan.

“Usually we`ll have snow on the ground, couple inches, 5, 6 and we don`t even close but this rain`s coming down,” said employee Adam Weiss.

Across the street, the Beacon Diner was also shuttered and down the road in Tamaqua, other businesses were the same.

“It`s a ghost town in this place right now,” said one resident, out running errands.

Still there were some die-hards staying open.

At the Tamaqua Diner the few customers here were grateful for that.

“Since the diner`s open, we figured we`d stop by in case the power goes out later, we`ll be here tonight,” said Donna Barron of Tamaqua.

Unfortunately it hasn`t been a money maker of a day for the staff here.

“I`ve been here since 4 o`clock and I`ve had one table,” said waitress Becky Broad.

Surprisingly employees at the McDonald`s say they were busy, as orders for burgers were in high demand.

“Even the local police, they came around, they ordered 20 double-cheeseburgers, we ran out of meat and everything.”