Prepared in the Poconos

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MOUNT POCONO---People at Shop Rite in Mount Pocono found plenty of water and supplies Monday night.

Many with were stocking up for the days ahead.

They said they received messages from their energy companies over the weekend, warning them of power outages that could last a week.

"A lot of water, supplies and I got a generator, keep everyone safe and warm," said Michael Geoghegan of Mount Pocono.

People in the Poconos are no strangers to power outages. One last year caught many by surprise after a powerful storm blew through.

Some were without power for more than a week.

But for Sandy, people said they had plenty of notice, plenty of time to prepare.

"From the previous power outages we had and fiasco that ensued I think they were proactive in putting that out there, in one sense to help people along getting prepared but in another sense to forewarn people that they're human beings and you can't fight human nature," said Eugene Samolewicz of Pocono Pines.