Luzerne County Residents Asked To Leave Homes

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HAZLETON -- People who live in one part of Luzerne County were asked to leave their homes late this morning due to the rising Nescopeck Creek.

Officials said Nescopeck Creek near Hazleton this morning  didn't look a threat, but people who live near it said looks can be deceiving.  Enough rain can quickly push the creek out of its banks.

That`s why first responders went through several neighborhoods bordering the creek with notes, asking folks to voluntarily leave their homes.

Fire Chief Rich Bognar of the Valley Regional Fire Department was one of them
"If you're in a flood prone area pay attention to the creeks, pay attention to what`s going on the weather, and if you see the water rising head to high ground." Bognar said.

The Brill family is not taking any chances. Sandy Brill said they've packed up what they could into a trailer and are ready to leave
"We had packed up everything as much as we could and so we didn't have to deal with the rain and going back and forth and I have cooked a lot of food to take with us because we will going up to the hotel ."

Sandy Brill predicts Nescopeck Creek will again flood their home.
"It was up on this deck and in the house in 2006, 18 inches in the house. Last year in September it hit the threshold of the door ."

Husband Steve Brill said they love living near the creek.

"Point nine percent of the time it's beautiful here except when the Nescopeck Creek turns into the nasty Nescopeck Creek."

Another reason the Brills will heed the voluntary evacuation.  They don't want to put first responders in danger by trying to rescue them.