Last-minute Preps in Union County

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LEWISBURG -- The wind picked up speed in Lewisburg around 2:00 p.m. but that did not stop people from shopping on market street. Roberta Diehl picked up some last-minute essentials.

"We have lots of candles, matches and batteries.  We picked up water and a couple of the essentials yesterday.  We're hoping the power doesn't go out so all of the stuff in our freezer doesn't get ruined," said Roberta Diehl, of Lewisburg.

"Just thought I'd come on over, do a little errands here.  Not too bad, a little chilly here.  I think I'm a little under dressed," said Jude Eli, of Williamsport.

Union County offices stayed open but many businesses in downtown Lewisburg closed early in preparation for hurricane sandy.

Bucknell university in Lewisburg cancelled its classes, but some of the buildings on campus are staying open in case of emergencies.

"Everyone's excited to not have classes today and tomorrow.  Other than that, everyone is just going with the flow, it's our first experience with this," said Spencer Stokes, Bucknell University freshman.

In anticipation of huge power losses, the American Red Cross opened an emergency shelter at Donald Eichorn Middle School near Lewisburg.

"I know for most people this is going to be a last resort.  Sleeping on a cot with a bunch of strangers is not an ideal way to ride out a storm.  For some people it's going to be a necessity and we're ready.  We have a nurse on staff," said Ann Smith, of the American Red Cross.

The shelter is set up to handle 200 people and the County animal rescue team is on board so you can bring your pets.