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Folks Seeking Shelter in Luzerne County

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NANTICOKE -- Several shelters operated by the American Red Cross are up and running tonight and people are taking advantage.

Newswatch 16 stopped by one of them in the gymnasium at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke.

More than a dozen people had checked in around 8:00 p.m.

Volunteers say they will continue operating and providing meals and shelter to folks and their pets as long as those services are needed.

"We're going to provide a cold meal and two hot meals. We have shower facilities we have mental health, we have health service nursing care if they need it," said Jenn Kruppo, a registered nurse and a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

Evelyn Schmeisser of Wilkes-Barre was nervous to ride out the storm in her Wilkes-Barre home, so she came to the shelter in Nanticoke with her dog.

"I'm very grateful," said Schmiesser. "We were here last year with the flood in 2011 and it was bad. Really really bad."

If you don't want to ride out the storm in your home, there are several shelters set up in Luzerne County.
For a list of shelters operating throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, click here.