Flood Victims Bracing for Another Damaging Storm

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MONTOURSVILLE -- For the second time in as many years, parts of our area are bracing for a major storm.

One of the hardest hit areas last year was the Montoursville area of Lycoming County.

Precious hours left until the worst of the storm hits the Montoursville area and customers grabbed last-minute supplies at Elery W. Nau Hardware.

"I already have the generators, the gas, everything's ready to go. I have my food and water. Just going to ride it out," said Kevin Williams of Montoursville.

Tank after tank of propane was filled and the store sold out of generators three times in three days.

Sure, it is good business but that takes a backseat to the concern for everyone's safety in light of last year's historic flooding.

"We're just hoping and praying as a business that the people that went through this before don't have to go through what they went through last year at this time," said Gary Oechler of Elery W. Nau.

More than a year ago, Tropical Storm Lee caused the Loyalsock Creek to flood which then wiped out a bridge north of Montoursville. Now, its replacement is nearly complete. Crews just have the finishing touches to put on it. But with this weather, they cannot do that, according to PennDOT. Crews will have to wait a few more weeks before the bridge is reopened.

"You don't realize it until it's gone, then you realize, it affects so many people, school buses," said Charles Weidler of Loyalsockville.

North of Montoursville along Route 87, crews had to batten down the hatches at Pier 87. The restaurant and bar was demolished in the flood last year and is being rebuilt.

"The wind shears, and wind gusts. With the building not being completely done gives me a little fear," said Pier 87 co-owner Brad Russell.