Back Mountain Braces for Sandy

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- Parts of the Back Mountain in Luzerne County are bracing for whatever Hurricane Sandy brings.

The winds from Hurricane Sandy were too much for a pine tree along Main Road in Ross Township.  This area of the Back Mountain was hit hard a year ago and now it could get hit hard again.

Stan Davis is the EMA director for Ross Township and also the deputy chief of the Sweet Valley Volunteer Fire Department. He says crews will be at the fire station 'round the clock.

"We`ll have additional staff coming in for the evening hours once folks get home from work. Right now we have a staff of eight to ten available for a day shift," said Davis.

Just down the street from the fire department, Maryann Wright decided to keep her diner open even as the storm picked up in intensity.

"It`s a little scary thing to live through but we`re not close to any big water so I think we will be ok, yea we`ve gone through storms before," said Wright, owner of Payton's Place Diner.

Crews repaired a transformer on Harris Pond Road. Officials tell us folks in the Back Mountain should be prepared for more power outages.

"Mainly if there`s any wires down at all, stay away from the downed wires. Don`t assume that they`re dead. Always assume that they`re energized," added Davis.