Arrest Made in 2001 Murder of Scranton Woman

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SCRANTON -- A break in a cold case in Florida brings answers to a family originally from Scranton.

Police in Florida arrested one of the suspects accused of murdering a 19-year-old woman from West Scranton more than a decade ago.

Tara Sidarovich Ord went missing from her home in Florida back in 2001. Her case was ruled a homicide a year later and for more than a decade her family from Scranton went without any answers. But, this week, investigators announced they were able to link two suspects to Tara's murder. One of the men has been arrested and police are searching nationwide for the second.

It was more than eleven years ago when we first told you about Tara Sidarovich Ord. The 19-year-old originally from west Scranton vanished from her home in Florida in October of 2001.

Her remains were found almost a year later a few miles away from the home in Punta Gorda. The case had gone cold over the past decade. But, sheriffs in Florida just announced that new evidence allowed them to link two original people of interest to Tara's murder.

Police issued arrest warrants for Phillip Barr and David McMannis, charging them with first-degree murder.

McMannis was arrested in Maryland on Friday. Barr has not been arrested yet but is the center of a nationwide search.

Police said the two were the last to see Tara alive. The men were both working on a septic tank at Sidarovich Ord's home the day she went missing in 2001. 

Police in Florida haven't said what motive the two suspects may have had for killing Tara Sidarovich Ord or what evidence they finally found to crack the case.

David McMannis is awaiting extradition from Maryland. The other suspect, Phillip Barr is still on the run.