Poconos Gears Up Against Looming Sandy

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BARTONSVILLE -- At the Lowe’s in Bartonsville, it was a busy night as folks were buying up all things storm related unsure of what Sandy will bring.

“This is an event that doesn’t happen to Pennsylvania or the Poconos very often, so I’m running out here now,” said Deborah Francis of Stroudsburg. “I just found out from my friend that it’s really going to hit us, pretty hard, possibly.”

“Yes, I’m very nervous because if we lose power I don’t have any heat and I’m thinking about getting wood,” said Jessica Wade from East Stroudsburg.

People were stocking up on items such as batteries, flash lights, and lots of water.

Many said they know far too well what it’s like to be left in the dark.

“We lose power quite regularly and where we are we’re the last people to be put back on again,” said Claire Van Hoose of Bangor.

At the Monroe County Emergency Management Center, they plan to open a command center Monday morning with representatives from area utility companies joining them.

“We’re going to go to a Level Two Emergency Operations Center, open up and have staff in there and start to answer phones,” said E.M.A. Director Guy Miller.

While county emergency workers are getting ready for whatever the storm brings their way, they are asking residents to prepare themselves and their homes against the weather.

“If they have lawn furniture outside, swing sets, things like that, that are loose and laying around, get them inside or tie them down because 40, 50 mile an hour gust of winds can throw stuff around,” said Miller.

Most people were doing just that at Lowe’s, however those looking for generators for back-up power were out of luck as most stores were sold out.

“We are expecting some in, we don’t know exactly when they’re coming in,” said Lowe’s salesman Jason McFarlane. “If you’re going to look for one, I would call the store before you come in.”

The utility companies that service our area say they are calling up additional crews from other states in preparation for Sandy.