Main Street Halloween in Bloomsburg

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BLOOMSBURG---Main Street in Bloomsburg was jammed with princesses, animals, super heroes, ghouls and goblins Friday night. Hundreds of kids and their parents turned out for treats during the town's annual downtown trick-or-treating.

"She gets to interact with other people and of course they get candy, which is always a plus!" said Sharron Seibert of Lake Lehman who trick-or-treated with her two daughters.

"Everyone's just raring to go, having a good time, dressing up and stuff," said Dan Clark who works at Karen's Candy Barrel in Bloomsburg. he was dressed in costume to hand out candy.

"The kids just love it, it's nice to actually get out when it's nicer out," said Brandy Boone of Bloomsburg.

With Sandy looming and the threat of bad weather on Halloween, parents said they are glad their kids had a chance to put on their costumes and enjoy a little door-to-door fun.

"That's why we're glad that this is happening tonight so next week if Halloween is washed out, at least everyone who participated tonight gets to enjoy it," said Sandy Banks of Bloomsburg, whose young daughter was dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

Parents also said they are glad to have a safe place for their children to celebrate Halloween.

"Knowing that my children can cross the street and not have to be run over by cars, not have to worry about people trying to abduct our children. Bloomsburg is a wonderful and really safe town," said Megan Fernsler of Bloomsburg.