Generator Frenzy: Getting Ready for Sandy

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MUNCY -- The phones were ringing nonstop at Best Line Equipment near Muncy. The store sells and rents equipment. With the threat of "Sandy", employees said there is a generator frenzy.

"It's off the hook. People have been calling in since 7:00 this morning to either rent or purchase anything that will make power," said Craig Grove, the sales Manager.

The store along Lycoming Mall Drive started the day with 40 portable generators. Early in the afternoon they were down to about a handful.

"We have stores all throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania, and we're experiencing this all throughout our trade area. It's crazy," said Grove.

Customers said they want to make sure they have power if "Sandy" hits hard next week.

"I figured I might as well jump on it and get a generator before they're gone. My goal is to get a generator and be prepared for Monday or Tuesday," said Matthew Brown.

"It was quite a task actually, because I called around to Home Depot and everywhere else. Luckily I'm here to get one of the last ones," said Bryan Stewart.

Employees said people are coming in for the generators now, but once the storm starts, they'll be looking for pumps.

Store Manager Craig Grove said there is more of a demand for generators than normal, because unlike many other storms, the threat of "Sandy" is so widespread across the state.

"We're getting demand all over, so it's not quite as easy to manage this time as it was two years ago," said Grove.

Grove said the store will try to get more generators in stock, but this may be it. He expects all nine of the Best Line Equipment stores to be sold out by this weekend.