Former Church Converted Into Performing Arts Center

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MIFFLINBURG -- A former church in Mifflinburg is being turned into a performing arts center. The 200-year-old building was put up for sale a few years ago.

The building in Mifflinburg was known as the Elias Church when it was built back in 1806. In later years, it served as a school. Then, as a double-block home. Now the building on South Fifth Street will soon re-open as the Elias Center for the Performing Arts.

"This is tremendous, the way it was done over. Not just to have it as a church, but to utilize it as a stage. Brings something more to the area," said Michael McEvoy of Mifflinburg.

The building was put up for sale on Ebay in 2004. An area bank helped the Mifflinburg Heritage and Revitilization Association buy the building. The group then received a state grant, and used the money for renovations. The building now looks a lot like the original church, and plans are to use it to host several community events each month.

"One will be a musical event. One will be a theater event. One will be a children's event, and one will be an educational program," said Murrie Zlotziver of the Mifflinburg Heritage and Revitilization Association.

Seating at the performing arts center will be general admission. The capacity for this building is for 216 people. 140 people can sit downstairs in the pews, and the rest will be standing room only.

"These are ticketed events, except for a few freebies in the fall. It will go to maintaining the facility," said Zlotziver.

The Elias Center for the Performing Arts in Mifflinburg is scheduled to open in May. There will be a preview event with a banjo player on November 3.