Dancing With the Stars: Week 5 Superfan Blog

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This is the fifth in a series of 10 weekly Dancing with the Stars superfan blogs, as authored by contest winner Sarah Palonis, of Jessup.  

All good things must eventually come to an end, and week four was no different. Last week brought us a guest judge Paula Abdul who was a natural part of the judges panel. Every all-star gave their routines their all and competition was fierce, unfortunately however for Bristol her performance was not fierce enough and she is our fifth all-star to depart bringing us down to eight. As always if you missed any of the results show, or want to get a second look you can find the episode by going to: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/episode-guide. If you aren’t interested in recapping the show you can also try your hand at some trivia here: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/trivia.

Last Tuesday we saw our all-stars separate into two teams, with the two couples with the highest scores which were Gilles and Peta, and Shawn and Derek recruiting fellow pros and all-stars to be on their teams for the first ever team freestyle routines. Gilles and Peta picked Kelly and Val, Kirstie and Maks, and Emmitt and Cheryl for their team and they will be performing Gangnam style for their team freestyle.

Derek and Shawn selected Sabrina and Louie, Melissa and Tony, and Apolo and Karina for their team and are going to freestyle to Call Me Maybe which again should prove to be an amazing performance. These group freestyles are only a part of the excitement for our week five show!

Along with the first team freestyle we will also watch those couples not in the team freestyle perform their solo routines. Those who aren’t a part of the team freestyle tonight will share with us their solo freestyle routines and going along with the weeks theme of guilty pleasure the solo freestyles will be performed to a guilty pleasure song selected by each couple. On Tuesday we will see those who did individual performances tonight do their team freestyle, and the four who didn’t do solo freestyles will reveal to us their guilty pleasure songs and perform. This week there will be no elimination just two nights of dancing which in itself is a guilty pleasure!

Our solo freestyle dances began with Kelly and Val selecting guilty pleasure song Want You Back which they performed the Samba to. While it’s always possible to detect the chemistry these two have their performance this week was lacking from what it usually is, and earned a 24.5.

Gilles and Peta selected I Will Always Love You, and they selected the Rumba and just as they earned the first 10 of the season last week, they definitely raised the bar this week pleasing the crowd with their exquisite performance and literally knocking Carrie Ann out of her seat earning them yet another two 10’s and a fitting 29.5!

Following Gilles and Peta were Kirstie and Maks who decided to Quickstep to Mrs. Robinson and Kirstie definitely exhibited not only grace but according to judges the best dance so far for Kirstie this season earning them the highest score of the competition 25.5!

Emmitt and Cheryl ended the solo freestyle routines with a Rumba to the Copacabana, and their performance was as spirited and energetic as Emmitt is and as Carrie Ann pointed out nobody Sambas like them! Their Samba earned them their first 10 and a total score of 29!

Following these amazing performances was Derek and Shawn and their team dancing to Call Me Maybe, with Melissa being injured during rehearsal and transported to the hospital by ambulance. It turns out she herniated a disc, but she was given the go ahead to perform with the group proving why she earned her all-star spot! The performance was set to a high school theme, and was definitely all I hoped it would be! These four are so extremely talented and were in perfect sync with the unbelievable acrobatics earning a 29.5 out of 30 giving each member 29.5 points towards their score.

Now after indulging in our own guilty pleasure it’s time to vote for our favorite all-stars as past eliminations have shown fans votes are crucial Tonight was amazing and I can only imagine how tomorrow will be!

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