D2 Cross Country Championships

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Muddy conditions made for a slow sloppy course in Dimock Susquehanna County Wednesday afternoon. AAA girls took the test first and it was a flying comet Taylor Ross mushing thru the mud to win the first district title Thursday afternoon.

"It was so muddy! Every step you could feel yourself sinking down. It was so hard to get your legs up out of that, but I honestly love running in the mud it's so much fun to get all muddy. This is real cross country," said Taylor Ross.

One of the big changes in the state this year involving Cross Country is moving to three divisions for the boy's and girl's and it's especially helped out the Dallas girl's who we're AAA last year. They've moved down to AA and for Regan Rome who was very competitive in AAA she actually has a shot now to be the state champ in AA.

Regan Rome and Rachel Sowinski pushed to the front at the one mile mark in the AA event, but just like she's done all season Rome the Dallas junior broke free for an easy win in not so generous conditions.

"It was horrible! I couldn't even run like I finished. I wasn't even tired. I just couldn't move. You we're going down there. I felt like I was it was walking ridiculous," said Regan Rome.

The class A champion didn't have to go far from home. Elizabeth Trowbridge from Elk Lake captured the district title on her home course.

And finally in the boys AAA race it was Hazleton's Jacob Fetterman light as a feather it seemed capturing the district crown in 18 minutes 43 seconds.

"I like races overcast just a little bit of rain, but mud like this makes it a lot tougher than that."

Kiernan Sutton from Lake Lehman took the AA boy's title while Luke Jones from Elk Lake won in single A.

The PIAA State Cross Championships will take place Saturday November 3rd 2012 down in Hershey.