Big Surprises on Ellen for Hazleton Women

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Quite a surprise for two women from the Hazleton area who made an appearance on the Ellen Show on Thursday.

The two flew to Los Angeles for the show, thinking they were just going to be in the audience, but Ellen had other plans and some big gifts for them.

For Lisa Stawick and Cheryl Spare, this was supposed to be a trip to watch the Ellen Degeneres Show; instead they became part of it.

This all started last month with quite a surprise while they were at work in the Hazleton area.

Ellen surprised the two co-workers through Skype. After they sent her a message saying what big fans they are.

There was a lot of screaming that morning on the show.

Ellen's sidekick, Jeannie, showed up with a massive photo of Ellen and round-trip tickets for Lisa and Cheryl to head to LA to see the show in person.

That brings us to Thursday's episode. Ellen had even more surprises in store. This wasn't just about two fans going to LA. This was about Lisa Stawick.

Her friend Cheryl went to Ellen for help.

“Over the past several years, Lisa's family has been hit with Lisa's husband losing his job. Then Lisa lost her job. They did plan for such a thing. They had savings, burned through all that. Ultimately, they lost a home; their current car has 300,000 miles on it,” said Cheryl.

As she often does, Ellen wanted to help.

First for Cheryl, a gift to thank her for paying off Lisa's $1,100 electric bill last winter.

Ellen paid Cheryl $1,100.

“Right now, I'm going to give you a 2013 Hyundai Veloster,” said Ellen.

A new car for Lisa, a bright red Hyundai, replacing her 300,000 mile ride.

It was clearly overwhelming for the woman from our area.

This was taped last week, Stawick's back home, so we went to her workplace to see what she thought about it all.

"She's just down to earth, wonderful, just a warm, warm person," said Stawick about Ellen.

Both women got invited back for Ellen's famous giveaways in December. We asked Stawick if there is anything special she hopes to get during that episode.

"I don't. I just want to sit in that audience again and just experience that again. Yeah, anything else is gravy. What she did for us is incredible," said Stawick.