Salvation Army Gearing Up for Holidays

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POTTSVILLE -- Salvation Army centers in our area are already gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Officials in Pottsville said more people are in need this year. Hundreds of people turned out last year in Pottsville. They were given a turkey and all the fixings for Thanksgiving by the Salvation Army.

A year later, people were lined up again, this time putting in applications for a helping hand for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Salvation Army Captain Adam Hench in Pottsville said the economy is driving more people to his doors.

"We've seen an increase in our numbers from last year. This is our fourth day of taking applications already, and we're probably up 20 percent from last year," said Captain Hench.

Hench said the increase in needs is due to new clients.

Tony Crockett said this is his first to the Salvation Army. Crockett said his family is in need.

"Salvation Army is a real good place where the needy families, they can have a Christmas and Thanksgiving and so on," said Crockett.

Kimberly Reed of Mahanoy City said times are tight because her only income is from Social Security.

"Sometimes you can't afford things usually like if you had a job," said Reed.

Sharon Ambrode said she needs the Salvation Army's help because she is on a fixed income.

"I get $140 in food stamps, and that's not a lot to do a whole lot with," explained Ambrode.

Salvation Army officials said applications for Thanksgiving will be held until Thursday, and for Christmas they will be through the entire month of December.