Post Office Dedicated to Fallen Trooper

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PITTSTON -- It was a somber observance for one of Luzerne County's finest. The post office in Pittston along Dock Street now will bear the name of fallen Trooper Joshua Miller.

"To push forward for something so significant to happen in memory of him, just to keep his memory alive is really, really an awesome thing," said Angie Miller, Joshua's wife.

Trooper Miller died in the line of duty three years ago. He was killed in a shootout with a kidnapping suspect in the Poconos.

Troopers said this honor for one of their own is very special.

"The memory of Josh Miller is precious to us all. He is a hero. He served his country in the Marine Corps. He died trying and successfully saving a nine-year-old boy that had been kidnapped. He's an inspiration," said Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan.

The dedication was made possible through an act of Congress, and a plaque will forever remind people in Pittston about their hero, something that was important to many of his fellow troopers, family and community leaders.

"When you see that someone who was a hero actually gave up his life to try to save a nine-year-old boy, you realize what greatness walks among us and sometimes we go about our life without ever really recognizing it," said Congressman Lou Barletta.

Josh's family said the dedication of the post office in Pittston in his honor doesn't take away the pain of losing him, but it does help to know that Josh's spirit will live on.

"It doesn't get easier in time, and events like this certainly help with the aspect of we have a mission to not let him be forgotten, so situations like this and events like this make us feel like we're not in that mission alone," said Miller.

Josh's wife Angie said she's glad she could share this moment with her kids, showing them just how proud their community is of their dad.

"I don't know of any other trooper that's had a post office named after him. As Angie Miller said, long after we're all gone, that post office is still going to be here and people are still going to know who Josh Miller was," said Noonan.